In Bangkok, cool off with a beer slushie

In Bangkok, cool off with a beer slushie

Plus, four other refreshing Thai treats for those dog days when the mercury hits 40

Unless you're actually into scorching hot weather, Thailand isn't the most pleasant place to be these days.

In many parts of the country, the old heat stick has been rising above 40 C, Bangkok included. So, for some sweet relief, cool off with these five refreshing Thai treats.

1. Beer woon

In most countries, this is the tragic outcome when you forget to take your beer out of the freezer. In Thailand, it's a beverage.In some countries it's almost a crime to put ice in beer. In Thailand, it's often a necessity.

Several Bangkok bars and restaurants have gone beyond simple ice cubes and converted local brews into beer slush -- possibly the perfect drink for extreme temperatures.

Drink your "beer woon" fast because pouring icy chunks of frozen beer in the warm Bangkok air makes it rapidly rise to the top of your glass.

And never mind those warnings that frozen beer can have the same effect as a laxative. It's all good.

To sip your beer slushie while you eat fantastic Thai food, try the consistently tasty Kow Tum Ped Jay Oy, near Bangkok's Chulalongkorn University. Click here for a map.  

Kow Tum Ped Jay Oh (ข้าวต้มเป็ด เจ๊โอว), Chula 24, +66 (0) 81 682 8816.

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2. Butterfly pea juice

At Aree Alley, butterfly pea juice is served with a side of sweetener so drinkers can adjust the beverage to their taste. Don't be alarmed if you see this drink written on a Thai restaurant menu as "butterfly pee" or using the scientific name of the flower it's derived from, "clitoria ternatea."

Butterfly pea juice is not nearly as sweet as Thailand's other popular iced drinks, but is just as refreshing. And far prettier, with its bright purple hue. 

Thanks to its rise in popularity, you can now find butterfly pea juices and teas in many Thai shops and restaurants.

We chilled out and enjoyed watching the color of our tea change while hanging out at Aree Alley.

Aree Alley, 2/1 Soi Aree Samphan 4, BTS: Aree, +66 (0) 2 27 85325.

3. Nam kaeng sai

Cool off with a giant snowball, Thai-style, at Cheng Sim Ei. Snowed under by the recent Thai shaved ice phenomenon rolling through Thailand's shopping malls is the more traditional "nam kaeng sai." 

This dish combines coconut milk, assorted gelatinous sweets, fruit and tapioca in an ice bath that's sure to cool you off.

Hit one of Bangkok's most famous cafés for nam keng sai, Cheng Sim Ei, where you can mix and match ingredients and share bigger bowls with friends.

Cheng Sim Ei (เซ็งซิมอี้), Suan Luang Market at Chula 5 between sois 18 and 20.

4. Ice cream

Icedea is famous for its artistic takes on ice cream. The most obvious form of edible heat relief, ice cream is being devoured and hoarded en masse in this weather. On city streets you'll find plenty of vendors selling Thai-style coconut ice cream. 

But for a new twist on the familiar treat, try Icedea's funky Thai and foreign flavors.

Has there ever been more perfect weather for an ice cream flavor called "Global Warming?"

Icedea, Bangkok Art & Culture Center 4/F, +66 (0) 2 331 1741.


5. Thai iced tea

Getting fancy with the Thai cha yen. More commonly known in Thai as "cha yen," this too-sweet-for-some beverage still reigns supreme for preventing overheating.

The best renditions of cha yen are bubbly and arrive at the table with a still-undisturbed layer of milk. 

It's an easy-to-aquire addiction and a welcome remedy when you've inhaled too much spicy food.

Grab a glass with street food or in a local Thai restaurant, like Bangkok's Mint Balcony.

Mint Balcony, Sukhumvit Soi 26, +66 (0) 2 258 6831.

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