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Pack right and your vacation will be a joy. Pack wrong and spend it with 18 pairs of unsuitable shoes


Asia's 50 best restaurants 2015
Victory for Indian chef's eatery in Bangkok marks second year of success for Thai capital in San Pellegrino Asia's 50 Best Restaurant Awards

Author: Maida Pineda

For the past thirteen years, Maida Pineda has been committed to savoring the golden delicious moments of life through her passions for food, travel, writing, and food styling. 

No two days are alike for Maida. She may be seeking the best popiah in Singapore, stalking a vendor in Manila, or dining in the posh Eastern & Oriental Express.

Her proverbial “Maida’s Touch” is captured in hundreds of published magazine articles and her two books, “Do’s and Don’ts in the Philippines” and “Six Degrees of Expatriation: Uncovering Lives of Expats in Singapore.”

Join her as she eats her way around the world at and

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Cool Britannia still kicking in tropical Singapore

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