Author: Larry Loh

I've been called many things in my life -- technology reporter, sometimes photographer, small-time entrepreneur, (very) casual jogger, avid reader, passionate traveller and most recently, Uncle Larry by one of my colleagues (in internet years, I'm the Ford T in a world of hybrid cars). Now, I'm just known as "that CNNGo guy" in local circles.

My daily obsession as CNNGo's Singapore City Editor is to hunt down the best places to eat, drink, shop, play and sleep in this little red dot of the world. It's a tough life, but hey, I'm gainfully employed and happily doing it -- caffeine overload, keyboard cramps, late nights and all.

I've written for CNET Asia, photographed for Harper's Bazaar, consulted for Nokia, and once upon a time, went camping with guns for the country. I'm a Singaporean born and bred, travelled as far and as frequently as my wallet and work allows, and I will never say no to Dr Pepper.


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Rosemount O: The chilled wine for the summer months

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Justin Quek's homecoming: Return of the prodigal chef

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