Author: Ian Lloyd Neubauer

Ian was five years old when his parents took him on his first overseas trip to Tahiti and infected him with the travel bug.

As soon as he finished high school he hit the road, spending years at a time backpacking across Europe, the Middle East, South America, Southeast Asia and most recently, the South Pacific.

Somewhere along the line he started writing, first creatively and then as a journalist in far-flung places like Cambodia, Burma, the Philippines, Papua New Guinea and Thailand's deep south.

Ian is the author of two travel novels, Getafix (2004) and Maquis (2006), and the co-producer, screenwriter and presenter of "The Undiscovered Country," an upcoming travel mini-series on East Timor, Asia's youngest nation.

Ian focuses on destinations that are hard to get to and at times a little hairy but which offer great experiential rewards for those who go the extra mile.

He is also a passionate off-road motorcyclist, a keen long-distance swimmer, recently discovered his love for sailing and likes nothing more than to sit down and share a laugh - and a few stiff drinks - with strangers in foreign lands. 

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