Too Glee or not too Glee? Airline reveals 'hipster' uniforms

Too Glee or not too Glee? Airline reveals 'hipster' uniforms

Alas, poor Air Canada rouge, no one told them it’s over already
But the hats are cute. We like the hats.

“Inspired by Glee!”

That's what social media has been saying about Air Canada rouge’s newly revealed flight attendant uniforms.

It’s certainly the look Will Schuester’s been pushing for three years. 

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Ahead of its July 1 launch, Air Canada’s new low-cost carrier is relying on hats, patterned scarves and hipster attitude to set it apart from its parent carrier.

The jury is out on whether the look will be received as appealing or just plain hideous.

“Anything casual and moving away from corporate stiffness is good in my view,” says our senior producer.

“Worst airline uniforms ever,” says another CNN Travel staff member. "Goes perfectly with rouge's precious lower-case 'r.'"

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Designed by Canadian designers VF Imagewear, the uniforms, complete with Fluevog shoes, will be worn by the airline’s 150 flight attendants.

“Our goal was to create a unique, welcoming and fashion forward look with lasting appeal that would also be practical and comfortable,” said Renee Smith Valade, the airline’s vice president of customer experience.

Service standards are likley to be equally fabulous, with Air Canada rouge flight attendants receiving training at the Disney Institute in Florida

Where to see the look: the new airline will initially be flying from Toronto and Montreal to various European destinations.

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